Kitchens are the heart of the home. Delicious food is made in this area by females. So all we want well-organized and spacious kitchen. But in these micro-homes trends, the kitchen is stepping down. To maintain the same efficiency. Style and organization of large kitchen in the small spaces & low budget, we have same efficient kitchen ideas and designs. Nowadays people are giving importance to kitchen area while buying a new home. Modular kitchen is in high demand among housewives. It is not easy to design and install a modular kitchen on a budget. However, it can be possible with some smart planning and designing. Modular kitchen has all facilities like a chimney, BBQ machines, and other tools. At Fabhall, we offer coupling quality and convenience by delivering exceptional values. Our customized designs enhance the beauty of your home. We have a highly qualified team that is well versed in the latest designs. We are a family-run company with over twenty years of experience in modular kitchen and interior designs. Here are some tips to help you to design a unique and budget-friendly modular kitchen.

  1. Must Know the Elements of a Modular Kitchen

Elements of modular kitchen are well known yet understood so little. It is a very interesting topic and gives a long-lasting experience to the customers. Well-documented information on modular kitchens is not available in the Indian market. Cabinet parts are pre-made in a modular kitchen and fitted together in such a way that completes a functional kitchen. Various materials are used to make these cabinets which hold all the accessories. The most common elements of a modular kitchen are:

    1. Kitchen cabinets for storage of food, cooking equipment, etc.
    2. Wall Cabinets
    3. Stylish shutters for cabinets
    4. A countertop made of materials such as laminate, vinyl, wood, granite, or marble.
    5. Functional hardware, including knobs and hinges
    6. Appliances such as stoves, chimneys, ovens, dishwashers, and sinks
Modular Kitchen Wooden
  1. Must understand the requirements of your kitchen

    The cooking space should be unique. Tailor-made designs are the best option that fits your requirements, available space, and budget. Give some thought to the layout of the kitchen to repair your existing kitchen. Modular kitchens can be L-shaped, U-shaped, or corridor kitchens. The layout of the kitchen dictates the installation style. Cooking style should in your mind before installing a modular kitchen. If you bake a lot then you need a lot of extra counter space. Or you need extra space for your bigger refrigerator, or you want to store your cutlery and bone china crockery in your kitchen. Always choose a module-based modular kitchen based on utility and your requirements.

white modular kitchen
  1. Budget – friendly kitchen’s Cabinet Material and Finishes

    Cabinets of the kitchen roll up the kitchen design expenses. Cabinet material should be pocket-friendly and durable.

    1. If you have less budget then laminates are the best option. They come in a variety of colors, easy to maintain, and durable.
    2. Wood veneers are also the best option. It is a thin wood sheet, not very expensive. It gives stylish look to a wood kitchen. It protects against moisture and termites as well.
    3. Steel and aluminum is the best option for cabinets. It is durable.
    4. Go for single color or unique color combination. Two-toned color kitchens are quite an in trend these days. So go for white-blue, red-green-grey, or even pastels colors for kitchen cabinets.
green modular kitchen
  1. Budget-friendly ideas for countertop

    Granite and marble are cost-effective solutions for countertops. Marble is not an ideal option for countertop because it stains easily.

wooden modular kitchen
  1. Backsplash ideas for modular kitchen

    The backsplash area adds some fresh color, pattern, and texture to the cooking space. Go for patterned ceramic or porcelain tiles instead of plain tiles. You can go for traditional patterns, Turkish patterns. Copper, brass, aluminum, or glass tiles are a good option.

trendy modular kitchen
  1. Artistic Creation In the kitchen

    Painting is the magic element that gives artistic look to your kitchen. Pick up dark colors instead of whitewashing which will enhance the beauty of the home decor. Install heat and grease-resistant wallpaper to protect walls from the heat of the stove.

  1. Ideas For Kitchen Flooring

    Choose the right flooring for your kitchen. Vinyl is the best option which comes in sheets, tiles, or planks. It is an inexpensive option. If you want to give industrial look, go with stained concrete. There are patterned, plain ceramic tiles, laminates, or linoleum flooring are available.

  1. Storage Ideas

    Floating shelves are the best option if you want more storage in your kitchen. Plan the storage space as per your utensils and appliances.

storage ideas
  1. Accessorize your kitchen according to your pocket
    1. To give a glamour look to your kitchen choose vintage metal, glass, wooden or ceramic ones.
    2. Design some art on the wall to give glam look.
    3. Change the fabric regularly of the windows.
  1. Paint the KitchenPaint is magic element which will blink your kitchen. Choose a dark colour to give bright look to your cabinetry . Dark colours give you feel of extra space.
white kitchen sink
red kitchen storage


Keep your fridge near the entrance of the kitchen because it is used frequently. This position is easy for everyone. At Fabhall, we keep in mind every individual requirement and spending habits so we have launched a budget-friendly modular kitchen program. We will help you in this uncertain time, will get benefits and financing options. If you are delaying your renovation plan for a long time, come to us, we are giving you some benefits.

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