9 Tips Must Know Before Installing Your Kitchen

Installation of a Modular kitchen depends on the amount of space you have in your kitchen.Modular kitchen has lots of functional properties. Modular kitchen is easy to manage and not only look modern but fashionable too. We do lots of everyday tasks in the kitchen so it should be clean and organized. The kitchen is the place where you enjoy cooking, eating, cleaning, and entertaining. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of a modular kitchen, Follow some tips before installing it, these tips will help you to organize, planning.

In this blog, we will discuss the points to be kept in mind before installing:

1.Consider Space & Countertops

Before installing the modular kitchen, one must know the available space. It depends on
space to a great extent. If you have a small space then a parallel or straight kitchen would be a suitable option. The parallel kitchen has one wall with a second, free-standing workspace running parallel to it. For larger space, you can use L or U-shaped Kitchens. For Meal preparation you need counters. Chefs need more counter spaces to prepare meals than those who cook simple meals. Two counters are the best idea, it makes it easier and helps kids who make food.


2.Consider Storage Requirements and Electrical Outlets


Storage of appliances, groceries, crockeries is extremely important. We use drawers, cabinets for storage. Storage of groceries or supplies depends on the utilization space. Pull-outs/drawers are used when you have elderly people in your family. Before designing a modular kitchen you must think about electrical and plumbing points. If you have an independent house, the electricity facility depends on the modular units. Besides this, you must be sure about the water facility also. The kitchen should be properly lighted and ventilated. For sufficient ventilation, install an electric chimney.

3. Choose Colour Scheme Wisely

Try to avoid dark shades like black and brown, these colors shrink the space and are not good light reflectors, and make the kitchen less inviting. Use soft and light colors to expand the space.


4. Wall Cabinets and Shelving

The overall look and feel of the kitchen depending on the wall cabinets. Factors that play a
crucial role before the design is cabinet door shutters, colors, external finishes, and
practicality. Each Cabinet has its opening and closing mechanism. Shelving is a very
important part of the kitchen. It stores a variety of objects with different functions and sizes.


5. Material

Durability and resistance are very important while choosing materials. Stones and granite are more recommendable than marbles, marbles are softer material and absorb stains very fast.
Nowadays Corian, jaguar, porcelain tiles more popular. Materials should be waterproofed and sealed correctly. Always go for maintenance material. Steel is a good option. It is easy to clean and durable. Use stainless steel sinks, holders, and counter top to make your kitchen contemporary modern. Add wooden cabinets to give a warm feel, too much use of steel gives the kitchen a cold and commercial feel.


6. Advice from designer

Take advice from designers, they have and experience and their expertise will offer you
plenty of ideas. They have good knowledge of products, fixtures, and fittings. If the designer has looked at the space, then agree on a quotation for the design and installation. Always check the quotation what is included in the cost from the start to finish.
Pay a deposit of 25% of the total contract value and make a written schedule to make further payments. Don’t pay in full in advance until the compliance of the work.


7. Set Your Budget

Always set your budget before installing a modular kitchen. You must be honest about your budget so your designer can guide you accordingly which products are good and want low maintenance and durable. They will also guide you where to invert and where to save – even if you do not have a big amount to invest. Open shelving is very cost-effective than
cupboards. Do not forget to add installation fees apart from buying products. Always add 10 percent extra for an unexpected extra cost.


8. Proper ventilation & Choose Smooth Walking Area

Your kitchen should not be messy, you must solid plan for the areas between washing,
cooking, and stocking space. The distance should be 3 feet between these areas and the
counter top. Manage your all appliances in such a way that it does not look cluttered.
Ventilation is the most important part of your kitchen which is related to your safety of the If you have less space then install a chimney and exhaust as useful alternatives to such large windows. 
There are few tips on where to spend and where to save:
 –> Granite, solid surfaces are durable and gives a luxurious look to your kitchen so it is good to invest in granite. 
 –> Cabinets should be of good quality and durability. Thin layer cabinets will not last very long so choose 15mm thickness all around.
 –> Go with laminate or PVC foil doors instead of rich wood veneers. 
 –> Spend wisely before spending on appliances. So make sure you are investing in the things which are required. You can add appliances and accessories in years to come.


9. Give final touch to the finishing

Buy source furnishing and accessories from a variety of places instead of from one place.
Mix things can create a different look. When you buy unusual objects while traveling, will
help to create a more homely and characterful environment. You can take help from the
experts for the final touch of the kitchen.


As the kitchen is the heart of any home. This is the place where all the family members come once a day. Make your kitchen a more enjoyable place. We put a lot of effort to plan your kitchen. We capture all the little details like the size of the family to the way of the cook. We make your experience with us truly enjoyable and unforgettable. So no more wait, start your journey with Fabhall. In this lockdown period, every member of the family would love to start cooking. So make your days memories in this period.

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