Curtain Dry Cleaning in Gurgaon, Curtain Cleaning and Repairing Service

Fabhall is offering customer-oriented cleaning & repair services for residential and commercial purposes. Our professional cleaners use different techniques for cleaning. We use powerful extraction machines to remove dirt, pollutants, soil, and harmful bacteria from curtains. We have more than 15 years experience in the cleaning and repairing industry. Fabhall offers on-site and off-site cleaning and repairing, we are happy to provide our recommendations on what works best for your product. We give honest advice about how long it takes your product to be repaired and cleaned.

Why choose us?

  • Modern Techniques
  • Fast Delivery
  • Professional Team
  • Use Safe chemicals
  • Door to door Cleaning & Service
  • Expertise quality control system
  • Reasonable
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

Our Experts inspect every facet before and after cleaning to ensure that it comes back to you in unspoiled condition. We use a high-quality dry cleaning process, professional techniques, detergents, and softened water and treat the fabric with special care.

Curtain & Blinds Cleaning & Repair Service

Curtains can easily dull the atmosphere if we will not do regular care. We completely sanitize the curtains and can guarantee that no dust and harmful bacteria will be left on your drapes. We use ultrasonic technology to clean the blinds which are fast, efficient, and completely safe. We do not use any dangerous chemicals in the cleaning process. We carefully take down all your window blinds and take them for cleaning. We do the installation after cleaning.

Leave it to the experts

Cleaning curtains at home is a very difficult task. It takes a lot of time and effort. It can irreversibly damage if you do not use the right techniques and types of equipment. So we recommend leaving the cleaning to the experts. We can give you the best services and care.

Focus on hygiene and health

Dirty curtains and blinds can create a variety of health hazards. An Asthma patient can get an allergy if you left unclean for long.

Increasing the lifespan

We always recommend to cleaning process at regular intervals to extend the lifespan of drapes. It would be shameful if you are not taking care for a long time.’

Quick service at an affordable pricing

We give affordable prices to our customers. We give quick services while maintaining the industry’s leading standard.


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