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A home is incomplete without curtains like painting withour a frame. If you want to complete your home, Fabhall has some great options from where you can choose Installation of curtains at the windows and doors become the necessity for every house. We are well known for curtains shop in Gurgaon. It helps to block off sunlight when you think it is important. It reduces pollution and prevent family members from respiratory ailments. We have all types of fabric. Best Curtains Fabric Shop In Gurgaon.

It enhances the beauty of house and your personality. Selection of curtains are very important, it tells your taste of style, what type of person you are. It is also helpful to save electricity, it directly allow to enter sunlight into your room. It is also helpful to prevent from skin disease.

Curtains are very useful to maintain privacy and reduce the need for shutting main and bedroom very often. Apart from window, doors, hall curtains, there are various balcony designs curtains available which add some life in that part of the house. We have window curtains. Window Curtains Shop In Gurgaon.

Fabulous curtains designs as per your needs are available at Fabhall or you order online to save your time and enjoy some privacy. We have every collection from satin to linen. Curtains bring value to room and help to complement your furniture. We have years of knowledge in this field. We have Best Curtains Shop In Gurgaon. We believe in timely service, the highest product and the best possible expense. We have successful journey to provide best quality of designer curtains. Our customers are very happy with our efficiency, services and punctuality.

Every customer have their own choices, Keeping in mind about their requirements, we provide all types of curtains like for living room, bedroom curtains, kitchen curtains, PVC curtains tec.

Living Room Curtains

We have elegant collection of living room curtains. We have variety of designs and colours which helps to block the dust and enter the direct sunlight in your living space. It helps you to impress your guests and yourself. Best Living Room Curtains Shop In Gurgaon.

Bedroom Curtains

We would close to bedroom door when we feel sleepy or working at home. Curtains plays a important role in a bedroom. Curtains make our space beautiful, add warmth and filter the sunlight. It help us to maintain a certain amount of privacy inside the bedroom.

Blind Curtain

These curtains are used for commercial purpose. It is very helpful when you want sunlight in the room or block as per your needs. It comes with ropes which are used to pull the curtain horizontally. Blinds curtains will be good option when your houses interior are formal.

Bamboo Curtains

These curtains are made of wooden. They are known as eco-friendly curtains. These curtains are very easy to maintain and does not require washing at regular intervals. These are light weight and easy to operate. Bamboo curtains will easily gel with the wooden interior.

PVC Curtains

These type of curtains are used in factories, restaurants and cold storage facilities. But it is becoming poular inside our homes also. PVC Curtains keeps your rooms cool and do not let the air come inside. It is very useful for bathroom to provide privacy.


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Frequent Asked Questions

Yes, all suppliers take bulk order and you can also give your designs or change the design in the exiting design. So it is highly recommendable to find respective supplier or dealer.

Yes, dealers take order customize designs where you can recommend your designs or ask to alter the existing one.

You can buy and sell curtains. Apart from it, some dealers provide installation and repairing service also.

Curtain dealers sell  Polyester, PVC Strip, Silk, Valance, Cotton, Velvet, and Curtain Drapery.

No, Not all the dealers provide installation and repairing of curtains. So find the respective dealers in your area.