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Fabhall is offering high-quality cushions which are perfect for dispersive on sofa, chairs, dressing up bed or adding exclusive look to a dining chair. Say goodbye to saggy-looking cushions, use our comfortable and beautifully shaped cushions in offices, homes or as an accessorizing staple in every room. We are well known for best cushions shop In Gurgaon.

An outer color and a design are as important as the inside of a cushion. Our cushions give all year a sumptuous look finish. We designed it in such a way they always appear plump and not go lumpy after a use. They can be easily washable at a home, no need to take these cushions to expensive laundries. These are ideals for sensitive skin. We use best fabric for cushions. We have designer cushions. Our shop is famous for Designer Cushions Shop In Gurgaon.

 Our cushions are available in multiple sizes. We are giving flexibility to our customers to choose the perfect cushion covers for their homes. Cushions are very smooth and highly breathable, and versatile.

We have a pack which contained 2 cushions. We have a good collection of floor cushions also which serve as a comfortable extra seat in your living room. Our velvet cushions are beautifully designed with a rich-colored front and soft contrasting colored back.

Outer color and design are important as inside of the cushion. Our Expertly designers design high-grade hollow fiber cushions which give a superior lift and bounce. You can search use with Best Designer Cushions Shop In Gurgaon. Our cushions give a lovely and soft feeling throughout the day. Our premium square cushions give a sumptuous-looking finish all year round, it has designed in such a way which do not go lumpy after use.

Our hollow fiber cushions are easily washable at home, no need to take them to expensive laundries. These cushions are hypoallergic, ideal, anyone with sensitive skin can use them. These cushions are available in multiple sizes, colors that give the flexibility to choose the perfect option for your home. Each pack contain 2 cushion pillows, which gives value for money. We best for cushions fabric. Best Cushions Shop In Gurgaon.


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Cushions are made in sturdy fabric which is easily washable. Upholstery fabric, canvas, drill or duck or medium weight quilting cotton is used to make decorative cushions. So it is depend its usage, how will use it, for bedroom or want to use for decoration.

Mostly cushions covers sizes are 30cm x 30cm (12inch x 12inch), 40cm x 40cm (16inch x x16 inch), 45cm x 45cm (18inch x 18inch) and 60cm x 60cm (24inch x 24inch).

  1. Linen
  2. Angora wool
  3. silk
  4. Alpaca Wool
  5. Bison Down

Duck Feathers are best cost effective filling which act like spring aiding in support , comfort and it is medium-firm shrink in feel.

Synthetic Microfibre is the fabric which lasts. It creates s strong layer of protection and tightly woven. It is efficient in bearing dirt, dust and spills.