Spruce Your Home With Our Interior

Look! How we design your home interiors?

Your dream home in 5 steps!

Assign Designer

Let's begins with a form

Let's start with information of your dream house. The more we know, the better we can design your home.

Free consultation

Get quotations for your dream home and personalised designs from our designs.

Book Fabhall

Pay the booking amount to start the deal

If you are happy with what we've proposed then pay the booking amount.

Finalise the design

It's time to start the project. Pick your favorite materials and finishes.

Place the order

Start the process with 50% payment

Let's finalise the design, and off to a good start.

Work starts

Civil work begins on site.

Look! You're at half way there. Your orders are raised!

Execution and installation of project

Pay 100% at execution & installation

Manufacturing of orders in process and you're mid-way through your project.


Orders get delivered on-site and installation happens as per design