How To Choose Bedroom Curtains

Embrace your bedroom to choose the right kind of curtains. It can change the grace of the room. There are a lot of possibilities to explore from sheer to opaque, light to ornamental, solid to geometric prints, etc. You got everything for home décor like furniture, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets but one thing which is very important for home décor is curtains. Curtains are the crucial pieces that set the tone of the room.

Curtains play a vital role in the dressing living spaces. It maintains privacy and keeps our spaces warm and cool in different weathers. It also keeps our home dust-free. It helps in room decoration and changes the style of the room. The color of curtains has a major role because colors give a psychological effect on the human mind. Charming and sober colors give a soothing feel. 

A bedroom is a very important area of our home where we spend most of the time. We always need a bedroom for relaxation and privacy, curtains give us privacy from the outside. Always choose light colors for the bedroom, it gives relaxation and peace of mind. Avoid red and black colors for curtains of our bedrooms.


Some points keep in mind while choosing the curtains for your bedroom:

  1.   Maintenance of curtains is very important, so choose the right kind of curtain which are easily washable at home.
  2.   To give a soothing look, choose the colour and pattern which is easily blend with the bedroom.
  3.   Bedroom curtains should help to maintain your privacy.


Some factors while selecting bedroom curtains

1.Maintain of the privacy of the bedroom

No one compromise on the bedroom’s privacy, it is an essential part. The selection of quality curtains gives bright look to your room and adds a layer of privacy. There are many qualities are available in curtains which you can choose according to your bedroom color.

2. Selection of the Fabric

Selection of fabric is very important in fixing and maintaining. If the curtains are heavy, very difficult to wash and fixing. On the other hand light curtains are best in fixing and can easily fall off.  Take a sample of curtain and hold it to a window and roll the fabric and see how it falls, this is the right kind of test to check the fabric of the curtains.

3. Choosing the colour of curtains

Colour combination is also a very important part while choosing the curtains always keep in mind the certain color is to match with the bedroom surroundings. The right kind of color can create a cohesive and artistic look in your bedroom. If the objects in the room have a vivid color, a neutral tone goes with it.

5. Length of the curtains

Three types of curtain’s length are available which include apron, puddle and floor. Apron curtains are more suitable if open windows of your room frequently. Apron length measures 84 inches which are ideal to prevent dirt and dust from the store on the floor.

Peddle length curtains measure 108 inches which are ideal for a master bedroom with no pets or children. Floor-length curtains measure 96 inches which you can hang the curtain rod a bit higher than the window.


Selection of Curtain Fabric

1. Cotton

Cotton curtains are ideal for traditional as well as modern bedrooms. Cotton curtains are lightweight and durable. These are easier to maintain but they cannot hold weight as velvet curtains can. Cotton curtains give a crisp and clean feel and give a natural fit to dining rooms. These curtains are good for those who want privacy, want to block sunlight. Sheer cotton curtains for good for an airy and light feel. Very easy to care for and a great choice for little ones’ rooms.


2. Silk

Silk curtains give delicate and romantic appearance to the bedroom. These are known for being durable. It is the best to uphold the grace of your decor. Silk curtains are heavier and drape well. It offers a romantic look to your bedroom and formal dining room. These are dry clean only, which makes laundry more time-consuming. Silk curtains give your rooms natural light and save your investments by using window shades. These are very sensitive to sun damage. Silk curtains are ideal for creating a luxury feel in a room.

3. Polyester

Polyester curtains are durable, sturdy, and affordable. It is easy to care for and resist shrinking, wrinkling, and stretching. These curtains want low maintenance, the best option for who is moving into the first home. Polyester curtains are perfect for the bedroom and living room, they absorb odors and limits air circulations. It is available in a range of colors, patterns, and styles. Polyester is flammable so avoid it in the kitchen. If you have kids at home, choose dark colors because remove stains are difficult on polyesters.

4. Linen Curtains

Linen curtains are a good option for the dining area, airy bedroom, and contemporary living room. It is a more billowy fabric. These drapes smoothly and Sheer fabric allows natural light to fill your home, it does not block the sun. Linen curtains are dry clean only, it holds wrinkles very easily so should be hung immediately.


4. Velvet

Velvet curtains are thick and weighty. It is useful for those who want to give luxury look to the room. Although it has one drawback, it gathers dust more quickly as compared to other fabrics. So you need to a regular vacuum. These curtains are expensive and need more maintenance and care. So one has to very careful about all factors. before investing in them.

Maintenance of Curtain fabrics

Curtain maintenance depends on the fabric and material. It should be washed every 2-4 months, some fabrics need more care and maintenance.

Low Maintenance Fabrics

If someone is looking for hand wash and low maintenance curtains, then go for cotton or other synthetic fabrics.

Fabrics requiring high maintenance:

Wool, sheer, silk curtains need vacuum on daily basis to retain their color and quality. Dry clean is necessary for pleated curtains. Fabhall helps you to zero in on the color, fabric, and finish which can blend with your bedroom design. It gives the feeling of heaven.


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