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Do you want a kitchen as per your specification? Fabhall brings you the best collection of Dutch design, European & Italian quality kitchen designs. Our motto is to provide the best quality, affordable and elegant kitchens to our customers.

We are Gurgaon based manufacturer of modular kitchen. We have the latest designs which lift your overall kitchen experience. If you are concerned about space, we will eliminate the space concerns. We are professional and well organized while designing and integrating the modular kitchen in practical words. Our Gallery shows you our work, designs, and proper finishes to make the product elegant. We handle everything with care and provide a hassle-free experience. We are manufacturer of modular kitchen In Gurgaon.

Our affordable prices make us highly demanded in the industry. We serve you with various styles, shapes, and designs to match your taste. We can give you the best solutions within your budget. Our experts guide you properly with incredible styles and designs. 

We have a world-class collection of modular kitchens, which makes us the product’s service leader provider. Alternation of product-like designs and sizes dimensions will be done as per our client’s need. We love to cherish our customers in installation and supply. We are designer of modular kitchen In Gurgaon.

With the availability of various latest and fabulous designs, one can easily find the product as their choice. We can assist you with our excellent services at a very reasonable & affordable price.

Our process of making the kitchen is straightforward. Our specialists take you through an integrated experience step by step from measurement to design and installation, which convert your dreams into reality. 

Using the right tools is very important to customize your product as per your choices. With us, you have the freedom to tell your kitchen to match your style and space. 

Fabhall offers a warranty of 20 years against termite and water attacks. Even In harsh usage, Fabhall kitchen will stay rough and challenging for years.

Our Designs


These brands are worth considering:

  1. Sleek
  2. Johnson Kitchens
  3. Hafele
  4. Haecker
  5. Zuari Furniture
  6. Kohler
  7. EBCO
  8. Godrej Interio

Modular kitchens are in trend. If you are planning to install a modular kitchen. There are few things you have to keep in mind:

  1. The size and usage of the kitchen
  2. Pay attention to the material and finish
  3. Set Off your kitchen wisely
  4. The countertop material is very important
  5. Choose utility-based built-in appliances

Low cost of a simple cabinet kitchen could be 3 feet high and 2 feet wide. The minimum cost of a modular kitchen is 75k. There are main three things apart from the obvious size or quantity of the woodwork involved.

  1. Which material is used to make the kitchen?
  2. Which type of finish is used for shutters?
  3. What type of accessories did you plan to put in?

There are some tips to upgrade cabinets at a reasonable price:

  1. Go for sliding shelves
  2. Exchange boring hardware
  3. Try Detachable wallpapers
  4. Hang storage bars inside doors
  5. Go with open shelving
  6. Plan with drawer dividers
  7. Add toe kick drawers
  8. Put interest with furniture legs and feet